2022 – The first post COVID year ?

An exaggeration maybe. But there are no legal restrictions and we have a lot more freedom compared to 2020/2021.

History: Easycycle had 2 successful rides after restrictions were lifted post-vax in 2021 – August and September – but after that, September and October had to be cancelled for foul weather. On resumption in November, Winter had come and were down to small groups of chums on each ride.

30 Oct 2022 Lochend and Figgate

A bumper 13 riders turned up. Restalrig path again, this time exiting at Lochend Park. After that we ran through Craigentinny, ending up at Espy for lunch.  Home via the Innocent. 

25 Sep 2022

The Restalrig path, to Leith and on to a tour of the Western Harbour.  Tramworks around Ocean Terminal.

28 Aug 2022

31 July 2022 Apologies, there was no-one to lead an Easycycle

26 June 2022

29 May 2022

24 April 2022

27 Mar 2022

27 Feb 2022

30 Jan 2022 Restalrig path

The Easycyclists rode the Restalrig path. Via town and Easter Road, then rode the whole path to Portobello Prom and lunch at Espy. Weather fair until the end of ride. We escaped the forecast rain and foul storm. Lead:Graham  Trace:Jim  Photos:Graham Text:Jim


The gang

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