2022 – The first post COVID year ?

An exaggeration maybe. But there are no legal restrictions and we have a lot more freedom compared to 2020/2021.

History: Easycycle had 2 successful rides after restrictions were lifted post-vax in 2021 – August and September – but after that, September and October had to be cancelled for foul weather. On resumption in November, Winter had come and were down to small groups of chums on each ride. It’ll likely be that way until Spring.

30 Jan 2022 Restalrig path

The Easycyclists rode the Restalrig path. Via town and Easter Road, then rode the whole path to Portobello Prom and lunch at Espy. Weather fair until the end of ride. We escaped the forecast rain and foul storm. Lead:Graham  Trace:Jim  Photos:Graham Text:Jim


The gang

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Sunday 29th August 2021 – Captivating Cammo

Overcast clouds, 16°C, Feels like 16°C, Humidity 83%, Wind 5mph from E (this felt cold to us after the roasting yesterday).

Windy and Mostly Cloudy, 4°C, Feels like -1°C, Humidity 82%, Wind 21mph from NNW

6 riders greeted our first advertised ride since Feb 2020. What a long time it has been.

We rode to Rosebutn, Pinkhill Railway, Craigmount School and East Craigs / Cammo Walk and into Cammo estate.

There we talked about the ruin of Cammo House and the Ornamental Canal. Exiting to the woods, we rode parallel to Quensferry road and into the Olde Inn Davidsons Mains for lunch.

Return was via the North Edinburgh Path system, and to the Pavilion at the Meadows where the ride was closed. An enjoyable, if cold, ride!

And here is the Relive video https://www.relive.cc/view/v26MxjExXEO

Lead:Jim  Trace:Jim  Photos:Jim Text:Jim

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Sunday 23rd February 2020 – Freezing Figgate

Windy and Mostly Cloudy, 4°C, Feels like -1°C, Humidity 82%, Wind 21mph from NNW

It looked a nice clear sunny February day, but wind, damp and low temperatures kept cyclists at home and only 3 rode off to a shortened ride to Figgate Park and Portobello.


Lead:Jim  Trace:Jim  Photos:Jim Text:Jim

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Sunday 26th January 2020 – Wet Wanderings to Portobello

A truly horrible forecast managed to keep the Easycyclists away today, and three riders left Söderberg for a shortened ride to Portobello.

The forecast was for heavy rain  – two BBC drops – 10-12. So we kept it short – from  Meadows to Holyrood Park, crossing the A1 to Lochend Park where Mike told us the history of the Dovecot. Then along Restalrig path to the prom, quiet today, return was via the long footbridge to the Golf course and then the Innocent.

The actual weather wasn’t too bad – an hour of rain, cold, moderate wind and the riders were well wrapped up. Still, the en-of-ride coffee at the Caley Picture House was very welcome.


Lead:Jim Trace:Jim Photos:- Text:Jim

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Sunday 28th July 2019 Wet Wanderings to Davidon’s Mains

A truly horrible forecast failed to kept the Easycyclists away  today, and seven riders sat in Söderberg for a visit to an old haunt, the Old Inn at Davidson’s mains.

The forecast was for light rain mixed with sunshine. The actual weather was nothing like that – full-on rain alternating with downpours.   Undeterred, we set off to Roseburn, WOL path and the Pinkhill railway as is our wont.  We then turned bu Dovecot Lane, pausing to have a drookit conversation about the dovecot and the now vanished castle that once stood there.

On to South Gyle park, then across the Glasgow road at the lights and into East Craigs.  Briefly refreshing ourselves with jelly sweets, we rode the maze of paths in East Craigs then into the woods that go parallel to Queensferry Road. The end was in sight but we were 30 mins too early. We could have sheltered under a Tesco roof, but we are made of sterner stuff than that and we paid an impromptu visit to  Lauriston castle and the Kyoto Friendship garden.

Lunch at the Old Inn was nice,. We were admitted in by the back gate, and sat in the conservatory enjoying the dryness and warmth.

The return was a simple affair, on the Blackhall path then the Roseburn path to the zigzags, then hove via the well-known canal and Meadows route.

Well done to the seven who braved the weather, and I’m sure we all had an enjoyable ride.



Lead:Jim Trace:Jim Photos:Jim Text:Jim

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Sunday 26th May 2019 Dash to the Old Chain Pier

Easy cycle Dash to the Old Chain Pier

A truly horrible forecast kept most Easycyclists away  today, and only three riders sat in Söderberg to decide what to do, expecting heavy rain and high winds.

We decided to shorten the planned ride and keep it on the big paths as far as possible. After a final cheery coffee, we climbed out of the Meadows and down Leamington Terrace, onto the canal then crossed Fountainbridge to Gorgie Rd, Russel St, then up the zigzags to the Roseburn path.

The big paths in North Edinburgh kept out most of the wind. We rode to the three way junction at Craigleith, taking the Telford path to the five-way junction at Trinity, then the Trinity path, emerging at the old Chain Pier where we had a nice snack.

We returned the way we came, sticking to the paths and ending up at Project coffee in Bruntsfield.

The rain stayed away so it’s a dry ride, even if we got soaked on the way home.




Lead:Jim  Trace:Jim    Photos:Jim   Text:Jim


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Sunday 28th April 2019 Parade alomg the Prom

Easy cycle Parade along the Prom

A bright, if coolish, morning saw 20 cyclists congregating outside Soderberg cafe, for this month’s Easy Cycle. The forecast was for the temperature to rise as the day progressed, so the leader decided not to increase on the table for 12 booked indoors at Ye Olde Inn, as almost everyone agreed they would be happy to eat outside. With the sounding of one riders pneumatic horn (the emanating decibels worthy of starting the London Marathon), the group assembled and set off down the cycle lane to Bruntsfield, Leamington, Gorgie and Russell Road. It was at the top of the zig-zags that one rider had a problem with the rear wheel, and it was decided the tyre/innertube was underinflated rather than punctured, so the main group, which had gone on the 5 ways junction at Craigleith, hadn’t long to wait. Caramel shortbread was handed out to the group as sweeteners for waiting. En route to Granton, we had a slight detour to see a rollerblader enjoying Drylaw’s fairly newish skatepark. Then down over the red bridge and through the tunnel to arrive at Edinburgh sculptor Vincent Butlers “Going to the Beach” statues, where we had a brief stop. From there it was onwards to Cramond Prom, via Forthquarter and thereafter, a comfort stop at Cramond. Then the work began – a climb up the steepish Cramond Glebe Road, but to break it up, part way, we swung left and went through the church grounds and past the Walled Garden to Whitehouse Road. There, a bus caused a wee bit confusion where we were crossing, as we couldn’t decide if it had stopped briefly for passenger pick/drop off, or if it was the terminus and the driver was having his break. All safely over, we travelled along Whitehouse Road and turned sharp left at the junction the eponymous house sits on, and pedalled through between the Burgess (to the right) and Bruntsfield (to the left) golf courses. We had made good time, so we headed for a little tour of Lauriston Castle grounds and the Kyoto Friendship garden. The garden was almost glowing with the cherry blossom in the bright sunlight. Exiting the garden, we beheld great views of the Forth and Fife beyond. Back out on Cramond Road South, we cycled a short distance to the back of Ye Olde Inn at the Tesco store car park, where we had a small delay as the staff hunted down the key for the gate, to save us trailing the bikes through the lounge. We must have behaved ourselves as, post lunch, we were duly released from the garden by the staff and we began our homeward journey back up to the 5 ways junction at Craigleith and retraced our earlier route, with cyclists dispersing on the way. Thanks Alan Orr for help with the ‘phantom’ puncture and thanks to Stuart Grant for back-marking and keeping the leader on track.

Lead:Graham  Trace:None    Photos:Graham   Text:Graham
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Sunday 31st March 2019 Replete in Riccarton.

Easy cycle celebrates Springtime in Riccarton


We had all put our clocks forward one hour and, in good sunshine, set off via Tollcross to the Union Canal. There were eight of us including several newcomers. Admiring the many daffodils and buds on the trees and bushes, we were fair pleased with ourselves. A very friendly group.


We were soon crossing over the bypass and leaving the Canal at bridge 12. Going south, we entered Heriot Watt campus. The cycle route took us through the park where the trees were also coming into bud. We exited at the large roundabout and arrived at Riccarton Garden Centre. Lunch had been booked and we were able to eat outdoors. There was an excellent menu and everyone was pleased with the options.


We continued south via Muir Wood Road and Lanark Road to take the Water of Leith back to Slateford and The Meadows.

14 miles.




Lead:Barbara  Trace(partial):Jim    Photos:Jim   Text:Barbara

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Sunday 24th February 2019 Northern Circuit.

A Northern Circuit. 13 miles approx.

Today’s ride was our second attempt at a route originally planned for last November. That
event was washed out by torrential rain, but fortunately there was no such problem this
time. In fact, it was a sunny wind-free day, with the Meadows thermometer showing eleven degrees. Not bad for late February.

Five of us set out for a tour of north Edinburgh parks and bike paths. We started by whizzing down the main road through Holyrood Park: a nice downhill run on a car-free road. We left the park by Sunnybank Place, then headed along Marionville Road and into Lochend Park.

We stopped by the loch, which was teeming with ducks, geese and other wildfowl. The loch
was once the main source of fresh water for the Leith area, and the hexagonal pumping
house is still in place. We also saw the 16th Century doocot which was used to supply
pigeons and their eggs to Lochend Castle. When the plague came to the area in 1564, the
doocot served as a kiln for burning the victims’ clothing and bedding.

On leaving the park, we joined the Restalrig Path as it curves through Seafield towards Leith Links. We continued across Constitution Street and into the old part of Leith. In Burgess Street we paused to look at Lamb’s House. This early 17th-Century merchant’s house has been restored to its former glory by architects Kristin Hannesdottir and Nick Groves-Raines, who now occupy the premises. Ms Hannesdottir is also the Icelandic consul, which explains why that country’s flag was flying in front of the building.

The ride continued along the Water of Leith Path. At Stedfastgate we turned into Victoria
Park, then on to Five Ways and the Goldenacre Path. All the paths around here were
teeming with cyclists, children and dog-walkers, all enjoying the unusual February weather.

Our route then took into Inverleith Park, our last park of the day. Then came a bit of hard
work (actually not all that hard) as we ascended Carrington Road and Craigleith Hill Avenue to join the Roseburn Path at Craigleith. We then headed south to the Russell Road zigzags, then on to Murieston Crescent, the Telfer Subway, the Leamington Lift Bridge and the short climb up Leamington Terrace to Brunstsfield. The final leg saw us crossing Bruntsfield Links to reach Middle Meadow Walk a little after 12.30. The total distance was 13 miles – just about right for a pleasant Sunday morning’s ride.

Next month we put the clocks forward, and EasyCycle will revert to its summer programme of slightly longer rides including a pub or café stop for lunch. See you then.

Lead:Mike  Trace:    Photos:   Text:Mike

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Sunday 30th December 2018 Circumbikulation of Corstorphine Hill

Japanese Jaunt. 15 miles approx.


Kyoto Agreement
A respectable 10 turned out for todays 2018 Easy Cycle finale, including (to the best of the writers knowledge) 5 first timers. The original plan for the route for this ride was discarded on the grounds it involved a long muddy path, busy with festive holidaymakers, so we ‘agreed’ to visit the Kyoto Japanese Garden instead – hence the title of this report.
 As is normal, we mustered at Soderberg cafe, before setting off down Middle Meadow Walk, Bruntsfield and Leamington Lift Bridge, where we spotted a submerged ‘barge’, or canal boat as the writer was corrected by an owner on the ride. Onwards down the Fountain Park bumps, Russell Road zigzags and we were on the cycleway destined for Silverknowes and Lauriston Castle beyond. In the grounds of the castle lies the Kyoto Garden http://www.edinburghspotlight.com/2010/05/review-edinburgh-kyoto-friendship-garden-2/, where we had a stop to enjoy some warm mulled wine, biscuits and nuts. Cycling along the front of the grounds revealed a spectacular seascape of the Forth, Cramond Island to the fore and the Kingdom of Fife in the background, with its locally dubbed ‘Fifel Tower’ mast in clear view.
Leaving the castle, we traversed a muddy section through the woods at Davidson’s Mains and crossed the busy Queensferry Road into Clermiston. After pedalling along Clermiston Drive and a right into Drumbrae Crescent, we had views of the Forth Bridges, three adjacent  bridges which were built in three different centuries. Passing Drumbrae Leisure Centre we crossed into the warren of  paths in East Craigs. Skirting the side of Craigmount High School, we negotiated the obstacle presented by a small flight of steps without any problems. Over Glasgow Road, we were in Gyle Park, along Dovecot Road, where we noted the architecture of the eponymous ‘Doo’cot’ being somewhat at odds with the surrounding domestic residences. Soon we were on the old Pinkhill line and back past Murrayfield Stadium, which led us on to Russell Road, where we retraced our earlier route back to the top of Middle Meadow Walk.
The Doctors pub was busy, so we chose to have our post ride refreshments at Thomas J Walls (The  Optician’s) cafe. (The visits to The Doctors and The Opticians obviously not for ill-health reasons!).
All in all, a good days cycling, in great company, to round off the year. Roll on 2019!
Happy New Year All!
Reccie ride Relive video:-

Lead:Graham     Trace:Jim    Photos:Jim   Text:Jim

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