Next ride(s)

DSC08394The next ride will be on  SUNDAY 27th August 2017 at 10.30.

We’ll meet at our usual starting point which is outside Peter’s Yard on Middle Meadow Walk. (There is a map lower down the page.)

Graham is planning a ride for us.


The future calendar will include:

Easycycle on SUNDAY 24th September 2017 Glenn is planning a ride

Easycycle on SUNDAY 29th October 2017 …. Jim will take us round Edinburgh to see some sights.

NOVEMBER no ride in November

Easycycle on SUNDAY 31st  December 2017 …. a Hogmanay ride

JANUARY no ride in January

FEBRUARY no ride in February

Why no ride on some winter months? Well, it’s being reviewed, but there was almost no demand from riders looking to start social cycling in Nov, Jan or Feb last year. That’s natural enough, because it’s cold and dark and the weather is often terrible. So we’ve decided not to run those months.  If you want to cycle on Nov 25th, Jan27th or Feb 24th, contact me at and I’ll try to arrange something. If we use the forecasts then we stand a chance of some good weather..

Easycycle on SUNDAY 25th March 2018 …. Watch this space.








2 Responses to Next ride(s)

  1. Hilary says:

    Hi Jim – so sorry not to see there’s no Easycycle over the winter months this year. I’ve had many good cycles in the winter months, despite being a fair weather cyclist!

    • jimcameron20 says:

      Hi Hillary, I’ve replied by email, I’m happy to review this. Let’s see what we can get discussed.

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