What sort of bike will I need?

EasyCycle May 2014 004Anything that works!

Our rides are short, at a modest pace and mainly on paths and quiet roads. You don’t therefore need a mountain bike (we don’t do mountains) or a road bike (speed is not our thing). But either will do fine, as will any “normal” bike. Personally I ride a bike with wide-ish tyres, just because I like the comfort.

E-bikes are welcome at easycycle as they are sometimes the only way to enable a person to ride the 12-15 miles necessary to take part.


Do try to make sure it is safe though: pump up the tyres, oil the chain and make sure the brakes work. If you don’t know how, speak to your friendly local bike shop or, better yet, the excellent Bike Station which is a charity specialising in fixing bikes and the like.

Bring some lights too, just in case we get back late – and maybe bring a waterproof jacket as it has been known to rain in Edinburgh …

Although it is actually snowing as I type this, don’t forget that in Summer even the Edinburgh sun can burn the skin, especially if, like me, you are both a desk jockey and somewhat pale of skin.  Slap on the sunscreen!

6 Responses to What sort of bike will I need?

  1. Dougie Cameron says:

    I’m a returning cyclist and am thinking of joining you on Sunday
    I’ve got a specialized Secteur bike with skinny tyres etc and wonder if that would be suitable for your ride
    Also I worry about pace. At the moment I can maintain about 12 mph over 4 miles but haven’t been over that distance yet. Do you think I would be OK

    • bikingalan says:

      Hello Dougie

      I’m sure the bike would be OK. We tend not to do too much rough stuff – and, if there is a stony path or some such, you can push on that bit if you prefer.

      As to pace, we are a pretty slow bunch! We average something like 6-8mph so, if you think you could maybe manage, you almost certainly can. Since we’re generally close to the centre of town you can likely return part way through the ride if you feel a bit puffed.

      Hope to see you on Sunday,



  2. Catherine says:

    Hiya. I’m hoping to take up cycling again and want to try one soon. I will be renting a bike to start but do you know if there are any places renting bikes on Sundays? The ones I’ve seen so far seem to to be closed on Sundays…

  3. Catherine says:

    Hiya. I’m hoping to start cycling again on one of your meets. I would be renting a bike at first – do you know if there are any places that rent bikes on a Sunday? The few I checked so far are closed on a Sunday…

  4. Hilary says:

    Hi Catherine and Jim – if you still haven’t found a bike hire shop for Sundays, have a look at Bike and Go – it’s a bit like the Boris bikes in London, and they have some that can be picked up and dropped off at Haymarket station. They look a bit cumbersome, but probably OK for Easycycle. There’s a website with all the details, so might be an answer to your bike hire problem

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