Next ride(s)

DSC08394The next ride will be SUNDAY 28th July 2019 ..  Jim will lead a ride to Davidson’s Mains.

We’ll meet at our usual starting point which is outside Söderberg The Meadows (formerly known as Peter’s Yard) on Middle Meadow Walk.  There is a map lower down the page.


The future calendar will include:

Easycycle on SUNDAY 25th August 2019 ..  Jim will lead a ride.

Easycycle on SUNDAY 29th Sep 2019 ..  Alan will lead a ride.

Easycycle on SUNDAY 27th Oct 2019 ..  Jim will lead a ride.   Summertime ends. Don’t be 1hr early.

Easycycle on SUNDAY 24th Nov 2019 .. Mike will lead a ride





Special arrangements for Winter

The Winter rides from December to February, are planned to end in town (e.g. the Doctors’ pub, which does good food) around 1pm. Once nourished, we can discuss what else we would like to do. If it’s nice weather, and we’re feeling fit, we can add a few more miles to the day..









3 Responses to Next ride(s)

  1. Hilary says:

    Hi Jim – so sorry not to see there’s no Easycycle over the winter months this year. I’ve had many good cycles in the winter months, despite being a fair weather cyclist!

    • jimcameron20 says:

      Hi Hillary, I’ve replied by email, I’m happy to review this. Let’s see what we can get discussed.

  2. Frank Taylor says:

    Hi Alan I would love go on the cycle run on Sunday 30 September I do have an electric bike as had ankle fusion and helps going up hills hope this will still be ok .thanks frank

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