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EasyCycle is a short and easy cycle ride aimed at new or returning cyclists – and, of course, the social cyclist looking for a pleasant but short-ish outing.   On the last Sunday of the month, we roll around Edinburgh for 12 -15 miles or so.  Sometimes a little longer, but always at a gentle pace and with lots of stops for people to catch up and have a chat.

We head off at 10.30am or so; stop for lunch at some point, typically at a cafe, although summer is more the picnic season; and, get back at about 3.00pm. There’s no need to book; please just turn up with your bike, and enjoy yourself.

The start point for each ride is outside Söderberg The Meadows on Middle Meadow Walk.  You will see a group of us lurking about from about 10.15 or so; someone should be fairly obvious in the lovely EasyCycle tabard (see the photo) or, if it’s a bit chilly, the tabard may be outside and us inside with a warming cake or two.

If you worry that 12-15 miles may be too short, why not try the Edinburgh 20 Milers which is (slightly) faster and (slightly) longer?  Or – like a fair few of us – do both?

E-bikes are welcome at Easycycle, because they allow people to cycle in a group who couldn’t otherwise do do.  We’re not a race, so a bit of help from your bike is permitted.

I’d like to add a note that we share our country paths and city streets with dogs and, occasionally, horses and other animals; Not to mention Covid, and so we recommend you wash your hands after riding or cleaning your bike.

35 Responses to About EasyCycle

  1. Logan,
    What is the planned route for 29th? (ie length and hills)
    Dying to start into cycling again but new knee stlll a wee bit dodgy.
    (just up on 13 Cowan Road)

    • jimcameron20 says:

      Hi Kirsty,

      First of all I’m sorry for a late reply. I’ve recently taken on EasyCycle, and the new hand is still getting to grips with the website!

      Our next ride is on Sunday 31st January, where Barbara will take us via Gilmore Place to take the Canal to Hermiston House Road, through Heriot Watt to Riccarton Garden Centre for lunch. Then returning via the Water of Leith, and it should be 15 miles.

      We hope you can join us for that, and please do keep an eye on the ‘Next Rides’ section of the website, where I will stat documenting our plans.



  2. Lucie says:

    Hello..how many cyclists is usually in the group?

  3. yogi says:


    a new interestee in cycling and would like to join the group. do i have to bring a cycle or is ine provided? i am in plan to purchase one and currently dont have one, but before i decide to purchase i want to cycle along the bikers so i know the Do’s and Dont’s of and while cycling.

    i hope this make sense and looking for response.


    • jimcameron20 says:

      Hi Yogi, we’ll be delighted to see you! You just need to turn up – but you do need to bring a bike. If you don’t own one, you can rent one – just ask any bike shop.



  4. yogi says:

    many thanks Jim for your reply.

  5. Ronald Robertson says:

    Hi. M’y partner and I are new to cycling late 40s. Can you tell us where you’ll be going on end July run. Many thanks.

    • jimcameron20 says:

      Hi, we’re going to a farm, near Juniper Green but on the opposite side of the river.
      It’s a support center for horses.

      The run is on the easier side of our norm, and should be around 13 miles.



  6. Jan Ramsay says:

    Sounds fun will look forward to trying the run in Oct , do you know the route yet .
    Just getting back to cycling again , so thought would try this out .

    • jimcameron20 says:

      Hi Jan, I plan a sightseeing ride, visiting curiosities in Edinburgh that the faster bike clubs whizz past, like the Craigentinny Marbles and the old bottle kilns, at Portobello.

  7. margaret says:

    New to cycling would like to join a group to help and improve my confidence on the roads. In early 50s and reasonbably fit but limited experince as a cyclist.

    • jimcameron20 says:

      Hi Margaret, You’re welcome to join us.

      We’re quite slow and wait for everyone. But it might be an idea to try out a few 7-mile rides on your own first, just to set your confidence. A factor of two applies: If you can regularly do 7 miles on your own, then you can usually do 14 miles in a group (with a lunch stop)



  8. mary says:

    Are these rides suitable for older children (10 and 12)? Or, if not, do you maybe know of any other (beginners) groups where parents and kids can cycle together?

    • jimcameron20 says:

      Hi Mary, we don’t have any insurance and everyone is responsible for their own safety. Additionally, we don’t have the training required by law for looking after kids.

      I believe Greener Leith may have a bike ride – perhaps you could try them (Google should find them)



  9. Brian says:

    Anybody know of cycling groups that go out during the week

  10. Luke Sellers says:

    29 July 2018 ……. Is there an easycycle ride on

  11. Frank Taylor says:

    Just back from cycling lovely people that where out .and I’ll definitely go out on the next one

  12. Anne Pia says:

    Hi Jim… can you let me know summer plans for the rides please?
    I’m a bit creaky… a bit of arthritis in my knee but I’m fit enough.


    • jimcameron20 says:

      Hi Ana,

      Our rides do vary a bit, but generally we avoid harsh hills and keep it slow – 9mph. The exact plans aren’t really available until quite close to the event.
      A few of our riders use E-bikes which is fine. Apologies for the delay.



  13. Becky says:

    Hi Jim,
    Can I ask if the group will go back to the starting point after finished?

    • jimcameron20 says:

      Hi Becky, the rides end up at the starting point unless by agreement we finish somewhere else. Usually, lots of riders peel off as we return to town.

      Obviously, the rides are cancelled until Coronavirus lockdown is lifted.

  14. Tess says:

    Happy to find this group as want to regain fitness

  15. Anne Pia says:

    I’m not sure I can make it in the 31st but could you please put me in your mailing list.
    Thank you

    • jimcameron20 says:

      Thanks Anne, we just use this website rather than a mailing list. The next one’s Sun. 27 Feb where Mike Lewis will be leading. I’ll post Mikes plans as soon as he announces them! Cheers Jim

  16. Joanne Redford says:

    Hi does this group still meet? Thanks

    • jimcameron20 says:

      Hi Joanne, yes it does. Although I won’t be able to hold a ride on 31st July but the other months should be fine starting 28th August.

  17. Christy-anne Surtees says:

    Hi I’m Christy Looking forward to joining you

  18. Tess says:

    I’d like to get back to cycling but after an opp two years ago have struggled with my weight and fitness so hopefully this won’t deter this group if I join in

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