Sunday 28th July 2019 Wet Wanderings to Davidon’s Mains

A truly horrible forecast failed to kept the Easycyclists away  today, and seven riders sat in Söderberg for a visit to an old haunt, the Old Inn at Davidson’s mains.

The forecast was for light rain mixed with sunshine. The actual weather was nothing like that – full-on rain alternating with downpours.   Undeterred, we set off to Roseburn, WOL path and the Pinkhill railway as is our wont.  We then turned bu Dovecot Lane, pausing to have a drookit conversation about the dovecot and the now vanished castle that once stood there.

On to South Gyle park, then across the Glasgow road at the lights and into East Craigs.  Briefly refreshing ourselves with jelly sweets, we rode the maze of paths in East Craigs then into the woods that go parallel to Queensferry Road. The end was in sight but we were 30 mins too early. We could have sheltered under a Tesco roof, but we are made of sterner stuff than that and we paid an impromptu visit to  Lauriston castle and the Kyoto Friendship garden.

Lunch at the Old Inn was nice,. We were admitted in by the back gate, and sat in the conservatory enjoying the dryness and warmth.

The return was a simple affair, on the Blackhall path then the Roseburn path to the zigzags, then hove via the well-known canal and Meadows route.

Well done to the seven who braved the weather, and I’m sure we all had an enjoyable ride.


Lead:Jim Trace:Jim Photos:Jim Text:Jim

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