Sunday 28th April 2019 Parade alomg the Prom

Easy cycle Parade along the Prom

A bright, if coolish, morning saw 20 cyclists congregating outside Soderberg cafe, for this month’s Easy Cycle. The forecast was for the temperature to rise as the day progressed, so the leader decided not to increase on the table for 12 booked indoors at Ye Olde Inn, as almost everyone agreed they would be happy to eat outside. With the sounding of one riders pneumatic horn (the emanating decibels worthy of starting the London Marathon), the group assembled and set off down the cycle lane to Bruntsfield, Leamington, Gorgie and Russell Road. It was at the top of the zig-zags that one rider had a problem with the rear wheel, and it was decided the tyre/innertube was underinflated rather than punctured, so the main group, which had gone on the 5 ways junction at Craigleith, hadn’t long to wait. Caramel shortbread was handed out to the group as sweeteners for waiting. En route to Granton, we had a slight detour to see a rollerblader enjoying Drylaw’s fairly newish skatepark. Then down over the red bridge and through the tunnel to arrive at Edinburgh sculptor Vincent Butlers “Going to the Beach” statues, where we had a brief stop. From there it was onwards to Cramond Prom, via Forthquarter and thereafter, a comfort stop at Cramond. Then the work began – a climb up the steepish Cramond Glebe Road, but to break it up, part way, we swung left and went through the church grounds and past the Walled Garden to Whitehouse Road. There, a bus caused a wee bit confusion where we were crossing, as we couldn’t decide if it had stopped briefly for passenger pick/drop off, or if it was the terminus and the driver was having his break. All safely over, we travelled along Whitehouse Road and turned sharp left at the junction the eponymous house sits on, and pedalled through between the Burgess (to the right) and Bruntsfield (to the left) golf courses. We had made good time, so we headed for a little tour of Lauriston Castle grounds and the Kyoto Friendship garden. The garden was almost glowing with the cherry blossom in the bright sunlight. Exiting the garden, we beheld great views of the Forth and Fife beyond. Back out on Cramond Road South, we cycled a short distance to the back of Ye Olde Inn at the Tesco store car park, where we had a small delay as the staff hunted down the key for the gate, to save us trailing the bikes through the lounge. We must have behaved ourselves as, post lunch, we were duly released from the garden by the staff and we began our homeward journey back up to the 5 ways junction at Craigleith and retraced our earlier route, with cyclists dispersing on the way. Thanks Alan Orr for help with the ‘phantom’ puncture and thanks to Stuart Grant for back-marking and keeping the leader on track.

Lead:Graham  Trace:None    Photos:Graham   Text:Graham
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