Sunday 30th December 2018 Circumbikulation of Corstorphine Hill

Japanese Jaunt. 15 miles approx.

Kyoto Agreement
A respectable 10 turned out for todays 2018 Easy Cycle finale, including (to the best of the writers knowledge) 5 first timers. The original plan for the route for this ride was discarded on the grounds it involved a long muddy path, busy with festive holidaymakers, so we ‘agreed’ to visit the Kyoto Japanese Garden instead – hence the title of this report.
 As is normal, we mustered at Soderberg cafe, before setting off down Middle Meadow Walk, Bruntsfield and Leamington Lift Bridge, where we spotted a submerged ‘barge’, or canal boat as the writer was corrected by an owner on the ride. Onwards down the Fountain Park bumps, Russell Road zigzags and we were on the cycleway destined for Silverknowes and Lauriston Castle beyond. In the grounds of the castle lies the Kyoto Garden, where we had a stop to enjoy some warm mulled wine, biscuits and nuts. Cycling along the front of the grounds revealed a spectacular seascape of the Forth, Cramond Island to the fore and the Kingdom of Fife in the background, with its locally dubbed ‘Fifel Tower’ mast in clear view.
Leaving the castle, we traversed a muddy section through the woods at Davidson’s Mains and crossed the busy Queensferry Road into Clermiston. After pedalling along Clermiston Drive and a right into Drumbrae Crescent, we had views of the Forth Bridges, three adjacent  bridges which were built in three different centuries. Passing Drumbrae Leisure Centre we crossed into the warren of  paths in East Craigs. Skirting the side of Craigmount High School, we negotiated the obstacle presented by a small flight of steps without any problems. Over Glasgow Road, we were in Gyle Park, along Dovecot Road, where we noted the architecture of the eponymous ‘Doo’cot’ being somewhat at odds with the surrounding domestic residences. Soon we were on the old Pinkhill line and back past Murrayfield Stadium, which led us on to Russell Road, where we retraced our earlier route back to the top of Middle Meadow Walk.
The Doctors pub was busy, so we chose to have our post ride refreshments at Thomas J Walls (The  Optician’s) cafe. (The visits to The Doctors and The Opticians obviously not for ill-health reasons!).
All in all, a good days cycling, in great company, to round off the year. Roll on 2019!
Happy New Year All!
Reccie ride Relive video:-

Lead:Graham     Trace:Jim    Photos:Jim   Text:Jim

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