Sunday 29th July 2018 Secrets of Portobello

Portobello. 15 miles approx.

As is usual for a wet day, few turned up (four) and they were regulars.  So these secrets wouldn’t have been very secret, since I do this run every yer.

We took the path to near the Innocent, but instead of taking the tunnel we took advantage of Sunday road closure and rode down to the Sheep heid, opposite Duddingston Loch. Back streets tood us to a left turn onto Duddingston Rd W.

We rode straight into Duddingston proper and, after skirting round some road works, we found the entrance to Figgate Park, were we rode the South Bank of the Figgate Burn, up to the nice pond. Actually quite a green pond, jammed with what looked like algae. Anyway, curcumbikulating the pond took as round to our exit point at Mountcastle Creascent.

Following parallel to the railway and then crossing it, took us to see the Craigentinny Marbles, a giant mausoleum slap bang in the middle of 30s bunglows. You can read about it here:

We returned to the railway and took the Fishwives causeway to see the bottle kilns, the last surviving in one piece in Scotland.

We had got away with very little rain until then, but now the rain increased and we made for the lunch spot – the Espy – a foodie pub in Portobello.






Lead:Jim Trace:Jim    Photos:Jim   Text:Jim

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