Sunday 27 May 2018 – Davidsons Mains

Ten of us gathered at Söderberg (formerly Peters Yard) in the haar.  The forecast had said it would clear by 11am, but it stayed cold and foggy the whole day. Nevertheless most of the intrepid gang sat outside but I’m afraid your leader enjoyed a hot chocolate in the warm.

Ten isn’t bad for a cold day in a ‘heatwave’, especially as there was one new face. We set off along the well ridden path to the canal – up the Meadows path to Leamington Bridge, then ride the canal to Harrison Road and then Russel Road.

We didn’t climb the famous zigzags this time, but instead carried on round to Roseburn Park and followed the restored Water of Leith pathway for a but, before turning off to Balgreen and the Pinkhill railway path. This runs parallel to the Glasgow Road and is a hassle free method of getting to Corstorphine, where we admired the dovecot at the eponymous Dovecot Rd, before heading on the marked up quiet roads, though South Gyle Park, emerging to cross Glasgow Road using the lights near the jaguar dealer.

Continuing on quieter roads we went past Craigmount School into East Craigs aka Bughtlin Estate aka Butlins  – a large residential estate with a lot of paths running through it. As long as you head North you won’t get lost in it (very often).  We crossed the Queensferry Road, again at lights, into Barnton where we used a little known path through a narrow strip of woods that run parallel to Queensferry Road, then into Davidson’s Mains Park then the Olde Inn for lunch.

There was to be no lounging outside in the sun today – too cold – luckily we had booked indoors. After waiting til 12:30 to be let in (new way of doing), we pushed our bikes through the pub (new way of doing) to order food.  Nicely fed, we pushed our bikes back through the pub, amid comments from locals (and we were a bit surprised to be doing it ourselves.)

Return was swift. After regaining the Blackhall path, we exited at the Russel Rd zigzags and climbed the bumps to Fountainbridge, then canal to past the King’s Theatre and the Meadows, where the ride was closed, and a few enjoyed a coffee at nearby Victor Hugo’s.

A chilly, but enjoyable, day.

Leader: Jim; Text: Jim; Photos: Mike Trace:Jim


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