25-February-2018 Parkey Pilrig Park

A visit to two parks with lochs (OK, large ponds)

Finally some nice weather! Cold, but some dazzling sunshine, no rain, and a slight Easterly wind (which nevertheless felt Baltic at 4 Deg C).

Eleven riders greeted the sun soaked terrace of what was once Peter’s Yard, but is now Söderberg.  There were no 100% first timers, but three returnees who have joined in recent months.

We set off down Duddingston Low Rd, enjoying the ban on cars on a Sunday, and a quick left at the Sheep Heid took us to a left turn on the Duddingston Road, where the entrance to Pilrig Park lay to our left.

Pilrig is a tadpole shaped park, with a large pond at its head, hard to see on the map but very pleasant to ride around in. Named after the river Pilrig (aka Bonaly burn or Braid Burn) We circumbikulated the pond and took our exit at the playpark to Mountcastle crescent, exiting near the railway yards to Craigentinny.

The Craigentinny Marbes are something of an Easycycle fixture these days. In the middle of the Craigentinny bungalow suburb, in the last place on Earth you’d expect a giant mausoleum, sits a giant mausoleum. You can read about it here: https://www.scotsman.com/lifestyle/craigentinny-s-peculiar-roman-tomb-1-4277295

Marionville Rd then led us to Lochend Park, an eerie place with a large loch in its center – Loched Loch – and the atmosphere is due in part to the fallen and uprooted trees that live in the Loch.   The loch had overflown its banks and was covered in ice, and there were some intriguing fixtures dotted around the loch – including a dovecot and a pumping house, which once abstracted water to supply Leith.   More here.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lochend_Park

From Lochend, we followed the path to Bonnington, past St Mark’s park, then joining the long system of linked bike paths in North Edinburgh, at the Ferry Road path. This was the run home. 5 quick traffic free miles took us to exit the paths at the Russel Rd zigzags, then Gorgie Rd and Fountain bridge, canal,  King’s theatre and Meadows. We closed the ride and sat down for lunch at the Doctors.

No-one opted for extra cycling, the 14.5 morning miles being judged to be sufficient.

See you all in March!




Lead:Jim  Trace:Jim  Photos:Jim  Text:Jim
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