27-January-2018 Craigmillar Calm

A refuge in Wind and Rain – Portobello and Craigmillar castle park.

Four faces turned up at Peter’s Yard. All experienced hands – no new joiners. That’s hardly surprising – The day before had seen horrendous gales with cyclists blown sideways & knocked off bikes. Today’s forecast had been for more of the same but with lots of rain too!

The actual weather wasn’t that bad (but who’s to know that beforehand.) a bit of wind started up, and the air felt wet but didn’t actually rain much.  Actually we’d better stop calling it Peter’s Yard, it’s Söderberg the Meadows now, like it or lump it.

Anyway we set off down the Innocent and across the Jewel, plunging into the nicely tarmacced Bruntstane Burn path, pursuing the gentle climb and exiting at Joppa.  Gentle when riding Eastwards that is.

Turning Westwards on exit, we ran to the prom, then noticed the wind for the first time that day. We pushed upwind to the Baths then turned Left to exit the wind. Ha Ha no chance!  the wind followed us round the corner. There being no escape, we shared our sweeties  in a draughty Bellfield St, wondering if it was actually less windy on the prom.

Up over the long footbridge and onto the new path that reaches to Duddingston Crescent. We should’ve turned onto the A6106, but we got lured off course at Bailie Place by a promising looking blue bike path sign. But it soon fizzled out into unsigned side streets and so we wiggled across to the A6106 where we should’ve gone in the first place.

Back Westwards on the Innocent path at Forkenford, then Peffermill road and into Craigmillar Park, and sight of the Castle. It was too wet to ride the grass again, so we followed tarmac into inch park. Emerging, we decided against the planned visit to Hermitage of Braid (to avoid a probable mudbath) and rode Mayfield Rd back into Town. Lunch was at Summerhall.

No-one wanted to take up the option of a further post lunch ride. It just wasn’t the weather for it. So, a good ride, and proof that it’s possible to defy the elements and have a good time!

See y’all and let’s hope we have better weather in February.


Click here for map

Lead:Jim Trace:Jim    Photos:none  Text:Jim
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