29-October-2017 Perishing Portobello

A ride to Portobello, visiting some old favourites. 20.1 miles including a facultative extension.

A bright, cold sunny day greeted eight of Easycycle’s most intrepid riders. In fact it was suddenly very cold, and a few said it felt like snow.   There were no absolute new faces among the eight, although three had started Easycycling the month before.

We took advantage of the Sunday road closure, to ride down Queen’s Drive to Duddingston village. Passing the Sheep Heid, we turned into Cavalry park Road for a trip near the Golf course, emerging at Milton Rd West. Using the residential streets to avoid heavy traffic,  we came out at Duddingston Rd and too a spin around the lovely Figgate park.

Impossible to resist circling the pond, so we did, and rode out to our first curiosity – the Craigentinny marbles – a giant mausoleum, unexpectedly nestled in an estate of 1930s bungalows.

Regaining the Fishwives Causeway, we rode straight into Portobello, to admire the last two bottle kilns in Scotland. There’s a lot of information here about them: http://gaukartifact.com/2013/03/04/history-of-the-bottle-kiln/

The old monochrome photo here shows a few, not just the two we saw on the ride. You can see more of them by clicking on the photo and zooming in: https://www.capitalcollections.org.uk/index.php?a=ZoomItem&key=QnsiTiI6MSwiUCI6eyJpdGVtX2lkIjpbIjEwNjI4Il19fQ==&pg=1&WINID=1509562455272#1V482pya3f0AAAFfeO8Qyg/10628

We had the coice of a quick way back, along the Innocent, but chose instead to take the Restalraig path to Leith Links, then the long nothern path system back to the russel Rd zigsags. AN excellent way of climbing back into edinburgh from seal level withiout meeting any steep gradients.

From the zigsags we rode to Gorie Rd, then the bumpy steps to Fountainbride and the Canal, then the Meadows.

The ride being closed, the remainder enjoyed a coffee in the Victor Hugo lounge, looking back on a cheery ride in fortunate sunshine.


Lead:Jim Trace:Jim Photos:none Text:Jim
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