25-June-2017 Bountiful Bawsinch

A visit to Bawsinch Nature reserve.

Sunday, June 25, 2017 10:11 AM BST
Distance: 17.4 miles
Duration: 5 hours, 57 minutes, and 45 seconds
Minimum Elevation: 150 feet
Maximum Elevation: 514 feet
Total climb: 2051 feet
Total descent: 1998 feet

Two new faces, and one returnee, joined a group of six on this ‘Special’. So we set off down the Innocent, and a quick left turn at Forkenford took us to the gates of the bawsinch Reserve. (Unfortunately, one lady had to leave for knee soreness).

Ken the ranger greeted us and showed us round. This is Edinburgh’s only large nature reserve, and it really has an amazing feel to it; ten minutes out of the Meadows and it feels like you’re in a remote wilderness.   Bawsinch has nearly all of the native UK trees, including some elms, thanks to a passion of a previous ranger.  (Apparently not the way to do things today. )

Ken has the habit of holding folk spellbound while taking about his trees, and it was time for lunch when we emerged.  We had intended to ride down the Duddingston Road to lunch, but the traffic looked too heavy, so we continued on the paths instead. This added 2 miles, but at least we were safe.

Riding the long footbridge near Hope Lane took us to Portobello, and lunch at the Espy.

We returned via the Restalrig path to Leith, and the North Edinburgh path system, to Russell Rd and then the Meadows.


Lead:Jim Trace:Jim    Photos:Jim   Text:Jim
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