30-April-2017 Chilling in Cammo

Cammo and Davidsons Mains. 16 miles.

A bright, cold sunny day greeted a stunning 20 Easycyclists, of whom an estimated 10 were riding for the first time with us – We believe that’s down to Cycling for Softies (meetup.com) posted by Graham, the leader today.

We rose to Leamington Bridge, but could proceed no further on the Canal due to roadworks, so we took Fountainbridge to the up/down steps and into Russel Road. By now the ride had stretched a little due to differing cycling speeds,  and we were starting to split up. So the leader took the front group to muster at Roseburn Park, while a rider sped sown to the junction at Craiglieth, advising any Easycyclists to return to Roseburn.

Having re-mustered we took the pleasant old Pinkhill Railway, then along Dovecot Road and into South Gyle Park, and crossed the Glasgow Road (safely, at the lights near the Jaguar dealer).  Dechmont road then took us to Craigs Rd and down to Maybury Rd.  Crossing the Maybury Rd very gingerly, pausing at the thin traffic island, and aligning our bikes parallel to the traffic flow so as to minimise cross-sectional area. Having reached Cammo walk, we rode down it clinging to the left because of oncoming traffic, and arrived at Cammo estate.

Cammo is an old ruined mansion, stables and grounds, a walled garden and a water tower, with Scotland’s first landscape garden and only ornamental canal. You can read about it here.  Today the house is just a few fragments of lower walls, having been thoroughly ruined in 1973.

An exit to Maybury junction, saw us taking the woods that run parallel to Queensferry Rd down to Davidsons Mains Park, and then the lunch spot at Ye Olde Inn.

It was much too warm for our customary table in the conservatory, and so we had to eat outside in the beer garden (I don’t often get a chance to write this 🙂  and after lunch we resumed.  Using Corbiehill Rd and Avenue to reach the Blackhall path, we sped down the path system to Russel Rd. A lot of riders peeled off at Craigleith and here. The remainder renegotiated Fountainbridge, and back to the Meadows, by then all but 6 riders had peeled off.  Finally, Victor Hugo for a post ride closure coffee (well earned).

Only two mechanicals as far as I’m aware, a chain slip and a puncture, both quickly dealt with.  A nice ride in sunshine, 16 miles, and one of our biggest groups. A success.

And a big thank you to the ten new riders who joined us. We try to make time to chat to you, and sorry if we didn’t get to you all. If anyone feels today’s ride was too slow, you can try the faster 20 milers at http://cycling-edinburgh.org.uk/.


Lead:Graham  Trace:Jim    Photos:Glenn Text:Jim

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