Two Parks – Figgate and Lochend

Two Parks – Figgate and Lochend. 19 miles miles including an extra bit.

We had five riders, among them a very welcome new recruit.  A tribute to the courage and persistence of the EasyCyclists, because let’s face it, we had a lousy weather forecast for this Sunday – strong 40 mph winds, rain, cold.

It appeared at first that we had got away with it, because we had bright sunshine as we set off down Queens Drive (closed to cars) and beside Duddingston Golf course. A brief wiggle through a residential area to avoid the A1, took us to the first park, Figgate Park. A ride along the river and then around the pond, saw us exit to Mountastle Crescent. The sky had clouded over by then.

Restalrig Avenue and Marionville avenue took us to Lochend, the second park. We rode round the very atmospheric pond (due to fallen trees)  then out to the Restalrig paths, riding to Leith.

We got to the pub for lunch – Teuchters Landing – before any real rain started, and we all refreshed ourselves. This pub has a great view of the water and serves quick, cheap food in mugs.

Restored, we set off on the  NCN75 path to Chancelot and the Red Bridge. But by then it  was well and truly wet. In fact I think the rain had been worse while we were in the pub, judging by what was  cascading off the windows.  We said goodbye to one chap at Craigleith quarry, and then sped off exit at Russell Rd after 5 miles of continuous car-free paths. Great!

The ride was theoretically 16 miles, but we took a bit of extra time to get everyone back to near their homes. Finally, the drookit survivors had a grateful warming cup in Victor Hugo.


Lead:Jim Trace:Jim    Photos:Graham   Text:Jim

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