29-January-2017 Galloping Gyles

A ride through parks to the Gyle Centre. 20.1 miles including a facultative extension.

A bright, cold sunny day greeted nine of Easycycle’s most intrepid riders. The constant rain of the Saturday before had vanished, giving way to sunshine (sometimes hazy) and a little ice.

We took ourselves down to the Canal and then along to Harrison Park,  riding down to Russel Road and along the diversion of long standing at Goldenacre Path, and crossed the Balgreen Rd near Jenners repository. A brief ride along the Pinkhill Railway, then out to Dovecot Road. After which, the lead consulted the riders and asked who would want to make the ride a little longer and harder. It transpired that everyone did; the option of a separate group sticking to the original plan, was available but it seemed everyone wanted to go further and faster today.

So, instead of going straight to lunch,  the group veered off to South Gyle Park, and crossed the Glasgow Road (safely, at the lights near the Jaguar dealer). Cutting through N Gyle Terrace took us out to the path alongside the A8 by the new rail station. At this point, the fancy new underpass could have taken us straight to the Gyle. But we had opted for extra miles, so we sped South and climbed the iconic footbridge to RBS Gogarburn.

The Gogar Station Road took us to a sneaky river tunnel under the bypass, just North of the Calder junction,  and then  into Edinburgh Park, taking the pedestrian paths to Gyle shopping center for lunch.

The upper floor of the Gyle has a range of eateries, including a Chinese, a burger bar, O’briens and a Pizza. there is also an infinite number of ice creams for 99p. (but the machine failed at the second ice cream so it was distinctly finite that day).

Refreshed, we used to long bike path on Bankhouse drive and Stenhouse drive back to Jenners repository, then via Roseburn and the well trodden (if that’s the word) Russel Rd and the bumpy steps to the canal, then Gilmour St to the Meadows. Most of the riders peeled off on the return leg.

The ride being closed, the remainder enjoyed a coffee in the Victor Hugo lounge, looking back on a cheery ride in fortunate sunshine.


Lead:Michael Trace:Jim    Photos:Michael   Text:Jim

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