18-December-2016 Wintry Wave Watching

A Winter Solstice ride along the North coast of Edinburgh.

A Winter Solstice is a great chance to prove that we can rise to a challenge and enjoy a ride on the shortest day.  And so it was that nine of Edinburgh’s bravest, including two who were new to Easycycle, set off along to Leamington and Canal to Harrison Park, then Russel Road and up the well-known zigzags to Roseburn Path, the start of the impressive path system of North Edinburgh.

Whizzing along the the Red Bridge, and down toward the Waterfront, we emerged at Granton and rode along the coast to the Seaward side of the Western Harbour. There, one of our regulars prepared a nice lunch of home made soup and cheese and biscuits. Wonderful it was too. We had no need of the pub stop that had been arranged previously.

Return was via the Shore entrance to the paths. We rode along the Water of Leith Walkway path to the Fiveway junction, and then to the Ferry Road and Goldenacre paths back to the Russell Road zigzags.

From, there, we climbed the well worn trail up to the Canal, King’s Theatre and Meadows, where the ride ended.  Thanks to Michael, who stood in to lead the ride at short notice, and to all who took on a leaden sky, light rain and cold wind to enjoy another Winter Solstice ride.


Lead:Michael   Trace: Jim    Photos:Michael   Text: Jim
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