30-October-2016 Plenty to Peruse in Portobello

Twelve Easycylers today, including a fabulous four new members, set off on a nice mild day with filtered sunshine (the Easycycle Weather booking seems to be holding up).

The curiosities around Portobello are a regular Easycycle favourite, and worth revisiting now and again for those who haven’t seen them before.

Taking advantage of the ban on cars on a Sunday, we cycled Eastwards down the Queen’s Drive to the Sheep Heid, then on to Cavalry Park Drive and the public part of the Duddingston Golf Course. Filtering through the Duddingston suburbs to avoid the Milton Rd, we soon arrived at Figgate park. Circling round the pond at its North, we then branched off to see the Craigentinny Marbles, a fabulous mausoleum in Craigentinny Avenue. We had a chat about them on the ride, and there is plenty of information here.

Returning to our route, we found the pleasant Fishwives’ Causeway and wound our way to Portobello High St., passed Harry Lauder’s Cottage, paused to admire the egress of the Figgate into the sea, and ten turned our attention to the nearby Bottle Kilns. These admirable structures are the last two bottle kilns left in Scotland.

There’s a lot of information here about them: http://gaukartifact.com/2013/03/04/history-of-the-bottle-kiln/

The old monochrome photo at the end of this page shows nine such kilns. Source: http://citycyclingedinburgh.info/bbpress/topic.php?id=5470

A quick keek at the three pillars and then into the Dalriada for lunch. Mike left us then,and we were joined by Ken.

The way back was simple: across the long footbridge to Portobello Golf Course, then Westwards along paths including the Innocent, and finally back to the Meadows. There we said our goodbyes, apart from three who quaffed a coffee in Vigtor Hugo’s.

Lead:Jim   Trace: Jim    Photos:Jim & Web   Text: Jim


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