25-09-2016 Delightful Davidsons Mains

A sunny day today, much nicer than forecast, and 14 riders with one new member.

We climbed Westwards out of the Meadows and down Leamington Terrace onto the Canal, where we crossed the bridge just before it elevated.  Then via Harrisson Park to Russel Road, navigated the diversions at Roseburn Park and onto the Pinkhill railway path. Emerging at Dovecot Rd for a brief pause to admire the Dovecot.

Through Gyle Park and emerging at the Jaguar dealer to cross the Glasgow Rd, through Craigmount and into the many paths of the Bughtlin estate. Emerging at Barntongate Avenue, we crossed the Queensferry Road and soon entered the strip of woodland that runs parallel to it, through the nicely restored Barton Park Crescent entrance.  A pleasant but rustic ride through the strip of trees brought us out to Davidsons Mains Park, then to Ye Olde Inn, our lunch spot.

We lunched in the conservatory admiring the sunshine trough the windows, then back out to hit the road.

Return was very straightforward, since our pub’s back door leads to the Blackhall Path,  and a few made it to the post-ride coffee at Victor Hugo.


Lead:Jim    Trace: Jim    Photos:Glenn & Jim   Text: Jim



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