31-July-2016 Horses-and-Courses

On a very fine Sunday, 13 Easycyclers set off from Peter’s yard, ably led by Logan, with 3 new members among their number.

We rode out of town via Canaan Lane, Balcarres St and the woods at Craiglockart, emerging at the Pond, we then took the standard Canal and Water-of-Leith route to near Juniper Green, where we crossed the river and a brief but noteworthy gravelly climb took us to the attraction of the ride: Woodhall Stables, restored to very neat condition by J K Rowling, complete with horse carousel. We didn’t go into the grounds, but we could see the carousel spinning, albeit with no horses being exercised.

We then took off East along the Woodhall Road, under the bypass and past the tiny settlements of Torphin and West Mills, then on to Spylaw Park, and to our lunch spot, the Spylaw Tavern. A pleasant indoor lunch ensued, where we were joined by one lady for lunch, and one chap for lunch and the rest of the ride.

A brief run through the Lead’s old school took us to the Canal and then back to Peter’s Yard Middle Meadow Walk, for coffee. A nice end to a fine ride in pleasant sunshine.

Lead:Logan Trace: Jim Photos:Michael Text: Jim

DSC06631 DSC06635 DSC06640 DSC06642 DSC06643 DSC06651 DSC06661 DSC06674

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