24-April-2016 Paths & Woods & Ye Olde Inn

A welcome spell of sunshine today, and equally welcome increased numbers (15) set off on the well ridden paths to Roseburn, where we took to the Water of Leith near Murrayfield, enjoying the few remaining trees until Baird Drive and on to the old Pinkhill Railway. From there out to the Dovecot and through St Margaret’s Park, then on to the big Tesco for a loo sweets break.

Thus refreshed, we spun through Gyle Park and crossed the Glasgow Rd, through Craigmount and into the many paths of the Bughtlin estate. Emerging at Barntongate Avenue, we crossed the Queensferry Road and soon entered the strip of woodland that runs parallel to it.  A quick run through the trees brought us out to Davidsons Mains, and Ye Olde Inn, our lunch spot.

The Inn was up to its usual standard, a few sat outside in the sun, and most caroused in the warm but dark lounge.

Well fed and ready for the last effort of the day, we popped out the back door of the pub straight onto Blackhall Path, then Roseburn path and down the zigzags to Russel Road.   From there we retraced out steps back to the start point.

In all, nine of us made it back to Peter’s Yard for coffees and the first ice cream of the year. It was great to welcome so many new faces to the group, and to have a nice sunny ride.


Lead:Jim    Trace: Jim    Photos:Michael   Text: Jim





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