27-March-2016 Craigentinny Culture

Nine stalwarts set off from Peter’s yard on a day of forecast sunshine but mixed actual climate. Heading towards Holyrood park, we took advantage of Duddingston Low Road’s closure to cars on Sundays, sped past the Sheep Heid, used Cavalry Park road to traverse the Duddingston golf course, and, avoiding the A1 by wiggling through quiet residential streets, we soon found the entrance to the lovely Figgate Park.

Following the bank of the Figgate Burn (which is just a new name for the Braid Burn) we looped round the pond and then on to the first curiosity of the ride, the Craigentinny Marbles. The leader recounted the tale behind this amazing monument, which you can find out about here  https://planetedinburgh.wordpress.com/tag/william-henry-miller/

Backtracking, we took the Fishwives Causeway and passed harry Lauder’s birthplace to the site of the last two remaining Bottle Kilns in Scotland. The kilns and the Causeway only make sense once you realise the harbour used to be in Portobello near Pipe Lane. After a brief struggle with some brand new zigzags, we had lunch at the Blue Bean café, our usual haunts being unavailable.

A cheery café, very welcoming of our group, we chatted merrily, and the rest of the customers listened on in respectful silence while the climate raged outside the café windows, covering each of the four seasons at least twice.

Restored, we paused to admire the Three Pillars in Codestone, before resuming the well trodden (wheeled?) return path via the long footbridge to the Innocent, then back to Peter’s yard for a warm and welcome outdoors coffee, the first in the year I believe.

An enjoyable day out, fitting some culture in with the cycling, and we avoided the worst of the rain, and I think the GPS trace resembles a crabbit face .. what d’you reckon?

Lead:Jim    Trace: Jim    Photos:Glenn   Text: Jim





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