27 December 2015: Chicken Fan Heaters and Hanging Banana Kebabs

Today’s was the last Easy Cycle of 2015 and the first with Jim (Cameron) at the helm, both as leader of today’s ride and new C.O. taking over from the redoubtable Logan (Strang) who has held the fort since the group’s inception deep in the forgotten mists of time. The handover was completed with Jim receiving the bright yellow Easy Cycle tabard, the mantle of office worn by Logan on all previous rides, worn for the first time by Jim today, even if almost entirely obscured by his equally bright and distinct yellow back pack.

Jim led our group of eleven riders (including one newcomer) across the Meadows and up the cycle path to Bruntsfield from where we sped down Leamington Terrace to the Lift Bridge over the canal. From here we followed the canal to Harrison Park and hence to Russell Road via Ardmillan Terrace and Murieston, riding up the zig-zag path to the cycle path at Roseburn. We followed this path to the Sustrans marker at Craigleith where we took the lefthand path to Davidsons mains, approaching the park via the car park at the back of Tescos on Cramond Road South. From here we did a bit of a wiggle down Barnton Avenue and Barnton Park, where we recrossed Cramond Road South into the grounds of Lauriston Castle where we halted for a comfort stop and to take in the lovely Japanese Gardens.

Bladders emptied and minds providentially calmed by the zen stillness of the aforementioned gardens, we continued on our way down Lauriston Farm and Silverknowes Roads to the crowded foreshore at Silverknowes along which we wound our way through masses of promenaders and dog walkers, and gangs of small children trying out new Christmas scooters and shiny new bikes. Avoiding the steep climb at the foot of Cramond Road we rode up the zig zag path from the Esplanade into the car park and joined the road from there. Our ride then took a slight detour to take a look at Cramond Tower from where we followed a muddy foot path leading from the back of Cramond House out onto Cramond Road North. From here we rode along Whitehouse Road down to Barnton Avenue West and hence to Barnton Avenue back down to Davidson Mains and our lunch stop at Ye Olde Inn on Main Street.

As anyone who reads these blogs will know, Ye Olde Inn is a venue we’ve visited several times in the past and the food today was up to their usual high standard including the Hanging Banana Kebabs (Yes!) featured in the title and Chicken Fan Heaters, that were actually Chicken Fajitas, though there was a fan heater and a feeble attempt at a bad pronunciation joke …

After lunch it was a straight ride back along the bike paths with several riders peeling off at various points along the route and only a handful making it back to Akva a newly opened Swedish bar (formerly Cargo) at the end of the canal for an after ride coffee.

Thanks to Jim for devising and leading the ride (all the best with your new tenure) and Barbara for being back marker.


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