29 November 2015: Underwater Cycling

Start with EasyCycleYou would have needed to be an amphibian (anyone remember the web-footed ‘Man from Atlantis’?) or the proverbial duck to get any enjoyment from today’s ride, which was not only wet but cold and wet, even turning to hail at one point. I fancy even the bold Jacques Cousteau would have stayed in bed, as it seems many of you who might have joined us chose wisely to do. Even Mike’s half time chocolate brownies and miniature millionaire shortbread failed to raise our spirits, so cold and wet were we by that stage, shivering in our meagre shelter somewhere in the expanses of deepest darkest Bonnington..

The stretch along the sea front at an eerily deserted Portobello (not a dog walker in sight) is what did it, riding into the wind with the cold rain stinging our faces and Mike at one stage declaring he couldn’t see a thing.. It was hard going even with the encouragement of the lone barista in the coffee kiosk next to the arcade who looked after us with a wry smile as we lumbered past. But we’re a hard bunch us Easy Cyclists, even when the cycling isn’t that easy and we stuck it out till lunch time when, discretion, as always, being the better part of valour, we decided to head home to get out of our wet things and rustle up a bowl of soup.

DSC00062 DSC00061 DSC00063

The route: Mike initially planned to make for Leith and stop for lunch at Ocean Terminal, but after the soaking on the sea front we altered our route and decided to make our way to the Gallery of Modern Art away from the exposed coast. From our starting point in MMW we headed over to Holyrood and down to Duddingston Village, through Duddingston golf course and into Bingham from where we doubled back to make our way down to Portobello. At Seafield we altered our course and took the Restalrig path over to Easter Road and hence to Bonnington via the industrial estate at Jane Street. From here we made our way along the Water of Leith to Warriston, then on to Inverleith Park where we decided to call it a day.

Thanks to Mike for organising, Peter (and my humble self) for coming along and Logan for joining us at the start, a bout of the dreaded lurgy making it impossible for him to commit to coming any further. Hope to see you all on next month’s ride.

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