25 October 2015: Cramond

Our leader for today was fresh from a mountain biking expedition the previous week, but fortunately he was not in that mode for the Easycycle!

It was good to see a few returners to the group and one newcomer. Though the sun did not shine at least it was a dry day.  The route for the trip took the much used track across the links to Leamington Terrace where we whizzed down to the canal and followed the tow path to Harrison Park from thence to the Zigzags and Roseburn path. The trees were in full Autumnal colours making a pleasant run to Craigleith and the Red Bridge.

The customary JellyBaby stop was made. From there our route took us towards Leith and the Trinity tunnel down to the Waterfront.  Going West against a light breeze presented no problem and we were soon at our lunch stop at Cramond:  the Falls Cafe.

After the usual lunchtime banter, our leader took us back along the Esplanade and up to the Family Sculpture, produced by the same foundry as the Gormley statues.  Once again to the Red bridge and along the Roseburn Path where some of our group went their separate ways. From there, the return to Peter’s Yard was made up the bumps and once again along the tow path. This time without any minor altercation with a dog owner!

Thanks to our leader Alan for his run, and nobody had to call upon his expertise as Mr Fixit!

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