30 August 2015: Parks’n’Burns to Mortonhall

DSC06998Alan O was at the helm for today’s ride out to Mortonhall which had an excellent turn out with a large smattering of new faces; always good to see new people. In all twenty one riders set out from Peter’s Yard on what proved to be both an intriguing and interesting ride over some, at some points, challenging terrain.

Heading over to Argyle Place Alan took the group along Hatton Place, turning right onto Lauder Road, then over to Blackford Avenue, off which we turned left onto West Savile Terrace, and right into Langton Road. This took us to West Mains Road which we crossed to enter the University Campus at Kings Buildings with its assortment of peculiar buildings flanked here and there by the robotic-like figures of Eduardo Paolozzi. From here Alan led us to Mayfield Road down which we sped to the junction at Liberton Road. We dismounted briefly, walked to Blackford Glen Road and then the Hermitage of Braid.

The Hermitage has to be one of the favourite places in Edinburgh and is certainly a favourite with runners and dog walkers, who were today forced to share their jogging and walking with a group of equally enthralled EasyCyclists. To allow us a brief rest and time to soak up some of the wonderful scenery, Alan made a short stop in front of the visitor centre situated in the heart of the park, before continuing with our ride.

Leaving the Hermitage we made our way over to another park, the Braid Burn Valley Park, via Braid Burn Terrace. Through the park we followed the Braid Burn over to Greenbank Crescent, then across to Colinton Mains and eventually up onto Redford Road along a series of small paths that brought us up into The Gallolee. From Redford we followed the Dreghorn Link up towards the bypass, turning left into Swanston, then over to the main Biggar Road into Winton and over to Morton Mains. From here we followed a series of rough roads and paths (the challenging bit) that eventually led us down to Frogston Road and hence to our lunch stop at the Stables Bar in Mortonhall.

DSC07062 DSC06952 DSC06950 DSC06946

At the Stables Bar we availed ourselves of the many picnic tables dotted around the cobbled courtyard and sat down to eat a hearty well-earned lunch. Those who’d brought picnics ate them surreptitiously, wedged in alongside others who ordered food and drink from the bar.

Reinvigorated and refreshed, we reassembled for the second half of our ride which was slated to take us over to Craigmillar, then on to the Innocent Railway, up which we would ride back to our starting point in MMW. With Alan back at the head of the group we retraced our steps back to Frogston Road turning left along to the junction with Captain’s Road, where we dismounted and followed the pavement down to Burdiehouse Road. This then brought us back to the main road which we crossed into our third park of the day (Burdiehouse Burn Valley Park) where we followed the path first to Lasswade Road, then on to Ellen’s Glen Loan, which we rode up onto Ellen’s Glen Road and down to Gilmerton Road. From here we turned left onto Mordunvale Road then over to the Old Dalkeith Road, from where we rode up the hill to Craigmillar Castle and down into Craigmillar, then on to Duddingston Road West to meet up with the Innocent Railway. From here it was a straight ride up to Parkside and St Leonards, where we picked up the new cycle path that leads into Rankeillor Street and eventually over to the Meadows.

A really good day’s cycling with excellent weather to match. Thanks to Alan for leading the ride and Logan for back marking, and to everyone who came along and joined in the fun.


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