28 June 2015: Picnics in Porty

DSC05449Today’s Easy Cycle comprising 16 riders, including four newcomers, took us on a pleasant jaunt taking in the newly (almost) finished cycle improvements at St. Leonards Street, as well as one or two interesting cut throughs, notably at Sunnybank, entered from Clock Mill Lane, leading to London Road and Lochend Park, which proved a newfound delight for several cyclists. From here it was an easy ride along the Restalrig path to join the shared use path at Seafield Road, then on to our lunch stop at Portobello.

In Porty the group availed itself of the fare on offer at the Beach House cafe and the Espy pub, whilst two or three picnicked on nearby benches, thanks to the (for once) seasonally warm weather, marred only by a brief torrential downpour when the heavens opened and released a deluge of water as we gathered to begin the return leg of our journey.

DSC05487 DSC05483 DSC05426 DSC05421From the lunch stop we rode along the remainder of the promenade to Joppa and took the road to Musselburgh where we did a loop of the town following the coastal path and the River Esk to Market Street, at the opposite end of which we joined, albeit briefly, the main Edinburgh Road. Turning almost immediately left after the main junction we rode along Newhailes Avenue into Newhailes Crescent, which sits to one side of and runs parallel to the main road, which we rejoined for a further brief stretch before turning off onto the Brunstane Burn path which took us to Brunstane Station. From here we rode round to pick up the path through Jewel Park and on to Bingham where we left the path to follow Duddingston Row to the entrance to the golf course at Milton Road. Passing through the golf course we progressed to Duddingston Road West where we crossed into the Causeway at Duddingston and hence to the low road passed Duddingston Loch, which, being Sunday, was closed to road traffic. From here it was more or less a straight run to Parkside and East Preston Street via which we came to the Meadows and back to our starting point.

A good day’s cycling of around 17 miles, with one or two mechanical mishaps from which not even our ride leader Julia was exempted after her front derailleur seized up and she was forced to ride the last section of the ride on only restricted gears. Thankfully our resident bike mechanic Alan (Orr) was on hand to keep us rolling and didn’t mind eating sticky buns with oily hands at the end of ride coffee stop at Soderberg in Quartermile.

Thanks to all who joined us for today’s ride, to Julia for leading, to the redoubtable Logan for back marking, and Michael L for the report.

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