31 May 2015: a big loop to Davidsons Mains

DSC04709Spring seemed to hang around a bit too long for EasyCycle this year.  As I (very belatedly …) type this wee report it is balmy Summer.  Back at the end of May it was very much Spring.  Apart, that is, from the brief spell sitting in the pub conservatory for lunch.  But I’ll come back to that.

A dozen or so of us – including a couple of new faces (welcome!) – did however have a very enjoyable run out to the west and north.  The direction of the route was dictated by the Edinburgh Marathon hogging the streets to the east.  So Davidson Mains looked a good target.  We largely followed the same route as February‘s jaunt, as you’ll see from the map below.

DSC04691  DSC04708  DSC04746  DSC04750

And, like February, a fine lunch was consumed at Ye Olde Inn.  Weather mixed but dry, albeit the unseasonable sunshine right at the lunch stop did roast us alive for a while.

Thanks to Fiona for excellent leadership in place of the injured Jim; and, to Michael L for the photos.  More sun to come I hope, and the picnic season please be upon us!

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