29 March 2015: Leithwards

DSC02108Well, what a mixed day.  Rain (on and off); blue skies (very nice); sunshine (really).  Mixed.  Very mixed.

Jim was good enough to lead us (16 or so – including a couple of new faces) on an intricate (ie winding) route out to lunch near The Shore.  Starting out towards the Bruntsfield Links we cut down towards the canal at Leamington and across Fountainbridge to Haymarket.  A short main road section to the Water of Leith at Roseburn, then north to Stockbridge, Glenogle, Warriston and Trinity.  On a lane I never knew existed we were suddenly at the Chancelot Mill and (bit of a loop) lunch at the Teuchter’s Landing.

DSC02094DSC02105 DSC02118




Very nice lunch too.  Their “mugs of everything” model seems odd at first but the “mug of mac’n’cheese” looked good, as did the chilli, the soup …

DSC02118The sun then came out and we started back into town on the Water of Leith before cutting back to the Ferry Path and then Crewe Toll, Craigleith, Murrayfield, Dalry, canal and back to Middle Meadow Walk for some coffee and cakes (apparently) / to then head home to do my messages (thirsty and hungry me).

DSC02063Excellent wee run at 15.03 miles.  Much fun.  Thanks to all who came!

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