22 February 2015: looping clockwise to Davidsons Mains

DSC01409The forecast was not good and, given how lucky we’ve been of late with the conditions, totally unacceptable. I had assumed we had some deal with the weather gods but, apparently, we don’t. Very disappointing.

Even so we had seven hardy cyclists and we were ably led by Jim on a tremendously meandering route to the north west. As you’ll see from the map we started out canalwards and, cutting through Harrison Park, joined the Water of Leith through Murrayfield. We turned west to join the new cycle path at the Jenners Depository and forked right to stay on the old railway to the Doocot and the back of Corstorphine.

DSC01410 DSC01413

After a comfort stop at the big Tesco we continued out towards South Gyle Park, across the Glasgow Road and over to Bughtlin and an (to me, at least) unknown path along a wooded burn parallel to the Maybury Road. Then across the Queensferry Road and though the equally wooded path back east to Davidsons Mains.

DSC01412 DSC01411

Lunch was at Ye Olde Inn (http://yeoldeinn.co.uk/) which was very nice, especially for somewhere called “Ye Olde”. Rain was falling as we left so the group dwindled somewhat as people peeled off home and, at 14-odd miles, the ride was formally closed back at Harrison Park.

Better weather next month I hope!

Our route:

Report:  Alan S

Photos:  Michael L

Map & Leader:  Jim C

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