26 October 2014: Craigmillar Castle and Portobello

DSC09272Ken led us on a sunny (but, and let’s not pretend otherwise, somewhat breezy), run with a lunch stop in Portobello. Given the lively conditions we were a good number, including a few new and new-ish faces. Everyone is welcome, especially those who haven’t ridden with us before.

DSC09274Having started out in the usual manner for Portobello (Innocent railway tunnel) we headed southwards pretty quickly and ended up below Craigmillar Castle (note to self: must visit one day …) and the new hospital complex (and its excellent cycle ways) at Little France.

DSC09283Then on to Portobello and lunch at the Espy (most) or a picnic (a few very hardy souls).

With the timing just about perfect we came back in through Leith and skirted Easter Road in the middle of the second half of the local derby; behind Meadowbank; and, across Holyrood Park and back into town at St Leonards.

DSC09292Much fun was had by all, particularly when the wind was behind us!

And a wee map:

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