16 August 2014: ride and walk to Cramond Island

DSC07123For today’s outing, we tried something new: a combined walk and bike ride. Logan was the brains behind this venture. Sixteen riders turned up, including some new faces – always welcome.

We started by cycling from the Meadows to Cramond. Our route took us by way of Bruntsfield, Merchiston, Harrison Park and Dalry, then on to the Roseburn Path at the Russell Road “zig zag”. We arrived at Davidson’s Mains about 20 minutes ahead of schedule, so our leader took us on a pleasant detour through the grounds of Lauriston Castle. We stopped for a few minutes in the tranquillity of the Japanese Friendship Garden (a gift to Edinburgh from the prefecture of Kyoto).

DSC07085 DSC07093After an early lunch at the Cramond Falls café, we tied up our bikes near the mouth of the River Almond. We then set out for the 20-minute hike to Cramond Island. Logan had timed the trip to perfection. Thanks to a careful reading of the tide tables, we were able to cross the causeway at low tide, which meant we had a good hour to see the sights and get safely back without risk of wet feet.

DSC07124Not that there’s much to see on the island. Some of us climbed to the highest point, but as this is only 20 metres above sea level, the ascent wasn’t too taxing. There’s also a rough path which more or less follows the coast; it took us about quarter of an hour to do the circumnavigation. For the rest of the time, we admired the remains of the World War II gun emplacements, and listened to an impromptu rock concert that a group of musicians were staging on the far shore (at least there was no chance of them disturbing the neighbours).

DSC07190And so back to dry land. For the return leg, we zipped along the Silverknowes Esplanade to Granton (with a 15 mph breeze to help us on our way). We then headed back to town via Saltire Square, the Red Bridge, and the Ferry Road and Roseburn paths. It was a very successful day: one that I hope we’ll repeat some time (when the tides are again favourable).


And a map:

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2 Responses to 16 August 2014: ride and walk to Cramond Island

  1. Mike says:

    Sorry that I didn’t manage to include a map in this post. You can see our approximate route here: https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=209199244872688646801.0005018a480ce14dc4f32&msa=0&ll=56.004908,-3.24028&spn=0.095212,0.308647

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