31 May 2014: Inverleith, Trinity, Leith and Stockbridge

EC 31.05.2014 (11)What a day, what a day.  Apart from one of our number getting a touch of the old sunburn (rule one:  if it isn’t raining, wear sun cream;  rule two:  someone really needs to remind me of rule one) we had a splendid ride around the northern parts.

Apparently 21,000 were on the trams for the first day of operations.  We had a very slightly smaller group (10, with a margin for error of +/- 0) including a newcomer to our little group.  Always nice to see new faces.

So, the ride.  From our start point at the Botanics we went westwards through Inverleith Park and out to the cycle path at Craigleith from whence north to Crewe Toll and on to Saltire Square for a brief stop and a photo.

EasyCycle May 2014 001

Down to the shore line and east to Granton Harbour, a bit of a detour inland to avoid the roadworks, Newhaven Harbour and around the (underused) path back to the west side of the harbour area at Leith.  I particularly like this part of the coast path, even if it is a mile or more to come back to Newhaven; especially in the sun, it is quite lovely.

EasyCycle May 2014 007 EC 31.05.2014 (14)

EC 31.05.2014 (25) copyQuick run past the cruise ship terminal, RY Britannia, Ocean Terminal, peek at the Gormey statue on the pier, and (oh dear …) photo op at the statue on the shore.

Lunch on the Shore and then Leith Links, Easter Road, Pilrig, Canonmills, Stockbridge and coffee at Coffee Angel.

Almost exactly 15miles, no hills, 17′ weather and a slight breeze.  Spot on.

A wee map of our route (green = go; knives’n’forks = lunch; red = done; I hope these appear on the little map or I will look even more like I’ve a touch of the sun …):

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