26 April 2014: bonus ride including Pedal on Parliament

A bonus EasyCycle today as a mini feeder ride to Pedal on Parliament.  The ten of us didn’t cover much ground from our start at the Water of Leith Vistor centre to the Meadows where PoP begins, but we had a pleasant run through the southwestern hinterlands.  Roughly 5-6 miles getting there, and what a crowd when we did.  Although we weren’t terribly late (11.45-ish) we couldn’t get onto Middle Meadow Walk but instead were queuing on the path parallel to the road.

Waiting to PoP

Slow run down to Holyrood for speeches (apparently; I couldn’t really hear them …) and ice cream.


Notionally the ride finished at this point.  Lunch was needed, however, so a few of us headed down to Leith for a snack at Rocksalt (excellent cafe) and then came back into town up the Ferry Path to Crewe Toll.

Crewe Toll

And then home.  Maybe 8 miles for the “official” run, and another 8 for the lunch detour.  Very nice too.

Our route:

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