24 January 2014: out to Burdiehouse Burn Valley Park

No-one could say that the bad weather was unexpected.  The BBC forecast was dire; others equally so.  Even so ten of us, seven regulars and three visitors from Hong Kong (who must have thought the Scots were mad to be doing this!),  headed out from Middle Meadow Walk just as the rain started, and were pretty wet pretty quickly.

EasyCycle 25 01 2014We started along the main cycle path to the Innocent Tunnel (pleasantly dry) and out as far at Bingham where we took a sharp right under the railway bridge (mmm, dry) and headed across Niddrie and the quiet newer road to the back of the new Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.  Short hill up to Gilmerton Road and then down the Burdiehouse Burn path (raining quite heavily now, and no more tunnels / bridges to hide under) right through to the Straiton Road near the by-pass.  Back up to the lights, sharp left and down to the garden centre at Mortonhall when it started snowing/sleeting.  Much soup and coffee was consumed.

A bit drier we continued through Mortonhall, past the Stables Bar and up onto Stanedykehead with lovely views of the city now the rain had stopped and the sun (sort of) come out.  Fast back down Alnwickhill Road, up to the Kings Buildings, loop through the Grange and back to Middle Meadow Walk for 2.30 or so.  A grand total of 13.6 miles.

Logan kindly distributed medals to those who survived (all of us, pretty much) in the form of chocolate coins.  Quick photo with our brave HK friends (and thanks to Christy who sent us a full size version of the photo above – you can see it here) then more urgent coffee consumption.

Quite a day …

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