4 January 2014: Bonus ride in and around Corstorphine

I don’t remember exactly why we decided to have a bonus ride today – it must have seemed a good idea at the time – but I’m glad we did. Jim led about a dozen of us on a very pleasant tour of the Corstorphine area. Despite a little early rain, the weather was tolerable, with none of the fierce winds of recent days. Better still, the route was almost completely free of hills.

Starting from the Water of Leith Visitor Centre in Lanark Road, we followed the riverside path towards Gorgie, but then took a sharp left turn along Ford’s Road and Stenhouse Avenue. We then followed the paths around the Carrick Knowe golf course, and on to Pinkhill and Meadowhouse Road.

After crossing Saughton Road North, we paused to look at the 16th Century dovecot. This is the only visible remnant of Corstorphine Castle, now looking strangely out of place in a modern residential street. We then cut through St Margaret’s Park to our lunch stop, the Corstorphine Inn (established 1886, according to a sign above the door).

By now, the rain had stopped and the sun was making a feeble effort to appear. For the afternoon leg, we continued westward, past South Gyle Station and through the car park of the Gyle shopping centre. Passing the soulless office blocks of Edinburgh Park, we reached Bankhead Drive, from where a new bike path follows the tram route all the way to Balgreen.

The final section of the route saw us back on the Water of Leith path, which we followed to our starting point in Lanark Road. With a total distance of about 12 miles, it was another very successful EasyCycle event.

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