30 November 2013: Stockbridge, Leith and the Galleries

Ken led ten keen EasyCyclists on a very enjoyable run very much within the heart of Edinburgh.  I suppose some purists would say that Leith is not in Edinburgh at all, let alone at its heart …

The point I’m – slowly! – getting to is just how far we got staying very close to the centre of town.  Starting on the Stockbridge we headed down the Water of Leith towards Leith itself, including the loop of the part that heads eastwards near South Fort Street.  We then came back along the Ferry Road path to the back of St Georges School and down Ravelston Dykes to the Gallry of Modern Art and its excellent cafe for an excellent, if admittedly a slightly early, lunch.

Full of soup we headed back to Craigleith where (i) some of us took the short route back to Stockbridge for an early cup of tea at Peter’s Yard, and (ii) the rest added a wee run out to Cramond via Silverknowes, back to Crewe Toll and rejoined the main party in Stockbridge.

Excellent weather all round, and a pleasant 15 mile / 21 mile cycle was had.

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