26 October 2013: north west to Cramond

A slightly longer EasyCycle today: 17 miles in total. We proceeded at our usual gentle pace and the weather was exceptionally genial so a very pleasant day out and about.


Starting at 10.30 or so at Peter’s Yard on Middle Meadow Walk, Julia led us up to Bruntsfield and then down some (unknown to me) back wynds leading us to Haymarket Station and the soon-to-be tram infested cycle route to Murrayfield. Heading north on the Roseburn Path we followed NCN Route 1 out through Barnton and down to the Cramond Brig.

Suitable refrsehed with vegetarian sweeties, we backed up to Whitehouse Road and a quick run down the hill took us to the Cramond Falls Cafe for lunch: some picnicked on the green; others had a pretty good meal indeed in the garden at the back.

From the cafe it was a quick run down the river to the foreshore promenade out to Granton, a short bit on road, and then back on the cycle path south to Crewe Toll. At this point three of the group headed Leith-wards and the rest of us headed back up the Roseburn Path, across to Harrison Park and back in along the canal to finish up back at Peter’s Yard at 2.30pm.

P1060085 P1060082


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